Here Alone (It’s on Netflix) Movie Review


Here Alone is a Drama about a young family that flee to the woods during the beginning of a zombie virus outbreak. Of course everyone doesn’t make it. A women now all alone fending for herself  comes across a young girl and her guardian and life once again changes. It was a really good movie and i applauded them for successfully making a Zombie Drama. This is a great movie even if your not really into zombie movies.

The Girl with all the Gifts- Movie review


The Girl with all the Gifts is a solid  zombie movie. It could have been great but it fell short. It wasn’t bad acting per-say but it was like the actors didn’t know their characters and the emotional chemistry between the characters was off. With A list Actors like Glenn Close and Gemma Arterton I was expecting it to be great and it wasn’t. The plot was great, which was part of the problem, the plot and story line were greater then the movie itself. I think this would have been better as a mini series. It would have given the actors more time to develop their characters and it would have allowed for more details to pull the story together. Also I feel like it was poorly edited. But over all it was good. Im just overly critical of big budget Zombie Movies. Watch it and Judge for yourself.

How Republicans and Democrats would handle a Zombie Apocalypse


Republican representatives would team up with the richest of the rich (.1%) hire a personal army get on a yacht  and head off into the sunset towards a beautiful tropical island not even thinking twice about the (99.9% ). 

        Democrat representatives would on the other hand  be worried about political correctness. They wouldn’t want us to call them Zombies; the politically correct term is, “undead person”. Democrats would work endlessly to pass laws to protect zombie’s rights. 

        So either way, just like now, the (99.9 %) is pretty much on their on. The fact that these are our main two political parties just re-affirms for me that a zombie apocalypse would b a good thing. 

How do you think your political party would handle the Zombie Apocalypse?