KI Zombi (On Netflix) Movie review

          Kl Zombi. Yes this movie involves reading subtitles. Is it worth it? “Yes”  This movie is Zombie Comedy meets Love Story meets Mortal Combat. Malaysians are doing zombie culture right! There are an obscene number of sub plots in this movie, and i loved them all. Its really hard to make a successfully movie with this many sub plots, but they did, and it worked! They also took the time to poke a little fun at American movie culture.

          This movie mainly follows a character called “Skinny” through a short lived zombie apocalypse. Skinny picks up allies along the way and through sheer dumb luck  and with the help of his friends,  they are able to stop the zombie apocalypse.Zizan Razak who plays “Skinny”made this movie, his dorky charm and comical timing were on point. Side note: two of Skinny’s allies were two bad ass ninja assassin kids. These kids are more then deserving of their own zombie movie.

        Kl Zombie was a great zombie movie without any of the  hardcore gore usually seen in zombie movies and you really don’t even miss it. I was also smittened to see a zombie movie that had a happy ending. I would definitely recommend this movie, its up beat with interesting character dynamics,an inviting  cultural perspective and zombies! Whats not to love?


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