Zombie Decadence 2 (On Hulu) Movie review 

If you like soft core porn, 80’s theme music and the ninja turtles then this is the movie for you. But, if you just really love zombie movI es then it’s not for you. This is a Mutant movie, not a zombie movie. There is literately one zombie in this whole movie and the zombie doesn’t even really tie into the storyline.  They just put her in there so they could put Zombie in the title of the movie. So, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME! But my review isn’t all negative. The zombie was a stripper zombie so points for that. Also, there were giant rats.It kind of brought me back to my Ninja Turtle Days. Nostalgia is always a plus. But, even with all that considered, this was a “no go” for me. But if you like soft core porn disguised as a thriller so your mom doesn’t get mad when she goes to clean your room, then this is the movie for you. Eat your heart out kid!

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