A Cadaver Christmas (Amazon Prime) Movie Review


I think I just found a new christmas eve tradition! A Cadaver Christmas is the new Christmas classic for those who rather die then see another Hallmark movie. A Cadaver Christmas is about a lone janitor named Dale working the night shift at a college on christmas when he comes across zombies wondering the halls. Dale the underdog turns into a one man killing machine after his attempt to get help fails. Along the way Dale makes some friends and loses some friends in his war on zombies. This is a pretty low budget film. I read somewhere that the budget for this movie was 10,000 dollars. I can’t confirm this, but if its true, I give this movie 5 stars for creating such a classic on such a small budget. This movie showcases no nudity or sex scenes, which in my book makes it family friendly, so long as you don’t mind your family watching zombies being impaled with desks or having their heads blown off. This movie has a grainy overlay  which along with the color schematics gives it a vintage feel. This is a great light hearted, comical zombie film that won’t leave you  feeling depressed on the holidays.


The Mad (Amazon Prime) Movie review

The Mad (Amazon Prime) Movie Review

First of all let me start by saying ,yes, that is Billy Zane from the movie Titanic. Now that we got that out of the way; I liked this movie. It’s a movie about a father and teenage daughter who come to realize that what they have in life is better then being eaten alive.

When a dysfunctional  family goes on vacation the people around them start turning  into zombies after eating burgers made with meat from a local farm.  A Father and daughter team up and presumably save the world by investigating the source of the meat and putting an end to it. I give this movie a thumps up. Its far from original or rememberable but its a solid, light hearted, comical zombie movie about father and daughter bonding. If Hallmark ever decided to be a little edgey and make a zombie movie, this is what it would look like. Also it was good to see Billy Zane again, it’s been awhile.

KI Zombi (On Netflix) Movie review

          Kl Zombi. Yes this movie involves reading subtitles. Is it worth it? “Yes”  This movie is Zombie Comedy meets Love Story meets Mortal Combat. Malaysians are doing zombie culture right! There are an obscene number of sub plots in this movie, and i loved them all. Its really hard to make a successfully movie with this many sub plots, but they did, and it worked! They also took the time to poke a little fun at American movie culture.

          This movie mainly follows a character called “Skinny” through a short lived zombie apocalypse. Skinny picks up allies along the way and through sheer dumb luck  and with the help of his friends,  they are able to stop the zombie apocalypse.Zizan Razak who plays “Skinny”made this movie, his dorky charm and comical timing were on point. Side note: two of Skinny’s allies were two bad ass ninja assassin kids. These kids are more then deserving of their own zombie movie.

        Kl Zombie was a great zombie movie without any of the  hardcore gore usually seen in zombie movies and you really don’t even miss it. I was also smittened to see a zombie movie that had a happy ending. I would definitely recommend this movie, its up beat with interesting character dynamics,an inviting  cultural perspective and zombies! Whats not to love?

Zombie Decadence 2 (On Hulu) Movie review 

If you like soft core porn, 80’s theme music and the ninja turtles then this is the movie for you. But, if you just really love zombie movI es then it’s not for you. This is a Mutant movie, not a zombie movie. There is literately one zombie in this whole movie and the zombie doesn’t even really tie into the storyline.  They just put her in there so they could put Zombie in the title of the movie. So, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME! But my review isn’t all negative. The zombie was a stripper zombie so points for that. Also, there were giant rats.It kind of brought me back to my Ninja Turtle Days. Nostalgia is always a plus. But, even with all that considered, this was a “no go” for me. But if you like soft core porn disguised as a thriller so your mom doesn’t get mad when she goes to clean your room, then this is the movie for you. Eat your heart out kid!

Overtime ( on Amazon Prime) movie review

Overtime is every thing you want in a  cheesy B comedy/action zombie movie. It’s about two  beefy, ponytail wearing hitmen. While these hitmen are in the pursuit of killing an illegal drug developer they run into zombie/alien hybrids. They basically save humanity on the low down and still have time to pickup a cake and a present for one of their kid’s birthdays. If you haven’t seen it you should.

That Time I Almost Died while Watching Children of the Corn


This is a true story. When I was about eleven or twelve my parents went to go watch my sister play in a softball tournament. I was home alone just the way I like it. We kind of lived out in the boonies in a little community called Dixie Union.  It was late afternoon, I was watching Children of the Corn 2 The Finale Sacrifice and baking cookies. For those of you who don’t know Children of the Corn is about a bunch of  evil kids who grew up in a religious cult like town. They ended up killing all the adults and start worshiping the corn, kind of like an idol. So I’m watching the movie and it starts getting smokey in the living home. Damn, I had forgotten about the cookies, they were burnt! Smoke was everywhere! I took them out of the oven and opened up the doors and windows to let the smoke out. Then I reluctantly returned to my movie. I was very bummed about my cookies, but it was kind of cool, the smoke it the house was like a misty fog, it kind of set the mood for the movie. A good ways into the movie one of those evil kids brings a vodo doll to church and he starts digging into the doll’s nose with a knife and when he does this another man in church starts bleeding profusely. So i’m at home alone watching  this scene about an evil kid with a vodo doll when something catches my eye. I looked up from the rocking chair in the living room and through the smoke I see a little skinny girl with long brown hair. She looked about five years old. She was just standing there behind the kitchen table holding my cat in her arms, petting it.  I had never seen this child before in my life and here i am watching a movie about evil killer kids. I just sat there. I didn’t move. When the little girl looked up and saw me she dropped the cat and ran. I just sat there. I turned off the movie to listen so she couldn’t sneak up and kill me.Then like a lot of people who feel like they are about to die I got conveniently religious. I didn’t pray out loud ,I was too scared. I just started acknowledging God and Jesus in hopes that If I died I wouldn’t burn in hell if this little girl did kill me. After about 10min of dead stillness and not seeing anything i began to question my sanity , was there even a girl there in the first place but I wasn’t going to take any chances. I decided to make a run for it and I darted out the door to outside.  I’ve seen enough scary movies so I knew better then to go looking around the house, that’s how people get killed!! So I  ran outside and I just stood outside next to the dirt road until my parents got home. When my parents got home and I told them what happened they didn’t know what to think. I was left without answers until the next day when I saw the little girl playing in the dirt road. It turns out she was one of my neighbor’s grandkids from out of town. The girl was playing with  my cat when the cat ran inside because I had left the door open to let all the smoke out, from burning cookies. She just followed the cat right into the house without even thinking. But because I was watching Children of the Corn and I have an overactive imagination I really thought she was going to kill me.lol Sometimes timing is everything. Next time i’ll tell you about the time i had mistaken mistletoe for a killer hobo.


6 Foreign Language Zombie Films that are worth the watch

 Dead Snow 1- intresting  side note, Dead snow 2 Red vs. Dead is in English while Dead Snow 1 is mainly in Norwegian. 

kill Zombie!

What we become( Netflix)

Train to Busan-this ones a tear jerker (Netflix)

Zombie Soldier- zombie/ghost hybrid really (Amazon prime)

Dead Bite (Amazon Prime)